Who We Help


Latino Community Development Agency

Mission: Working to enhance the quality of life in the Latino Community through education, leadership, services and advocacy.

Core Values: We are a family centered and community driven agency. We value and respect: cultural diversity, community collaboration, services with integrity, excellence in all we do.


  • An after school program for inner-city, middle-school youth program
  • Goal – to provide a safe, positive environment where youth can develop strong, healthy esteems & hope for their future
  • Mission: To build character through the arts, adventure, and dream great dreams.

The Rose Home

Empowering Mothers Homeless and Pregnant

Rose Home is an oasis of comfort and shelter for pregnant women who have no other place to stay in the community during their pregnancy and time of recovery. Opened in September, 1986, Rose Home’s goal is to bring women into a place of balance while preparing them for motherhood and independence.

Mission:  Rose Home is envisioned as being a haven for troubled women experiencing unexpected pregnancies where, through love and support, women are reinforced as persons of worth and dignity and are afforded the opportunity to nurture their unborn in a growth-oriented atmosphere.

Positive Tomorrows

  • Positive Tomorrows is a sanctuary of hope, educating homeless children and their families for life.
  • We provide private free education that cares for the special needs of Oklahoma City‚ homeless children, K – 5th grade.
  • Teachers, social workers and a host of volunteers nurture these children academiacally, socially and emotionally, preparing them for a seamless transition into public school as successful students & citizens.

Urban Missions OKC

  • The Urban Mission, Inc. is an established non-profit in Oklahoma City.
  • It has come from serving a few families each month to assisting almost 20,000 people in need each year
  • We encourage the community to be a part of helping others so that their efforts may help to fulfill their own emotional and spiritual needs.
  • We truly believe that by giving help today, we promote hope of a better tomorrow.

Neighborhood Services Organization

NSO works diligently to provide the most comprehensive answers to those in need through housing solutions, life skills programs and a variety of health care services.

Oklahoma City, Bethany and Moore Public Schools

Guidance counselors provide us with names of families so that we can identify those that we can help support with meals. Dinner with Love provides Christmas meals to over 400 families at these schools. 

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